REC Forum:Periphery Curating + Periphery Urban

主講者 / Speaker / 高森信男 / Nobuo TAKAMORI
時間 / Time / 18.DEC.2012 / 08 – 09:30 pm
地點 / Location / REC / Tainan / Taiwan
主辦單位 / Organizer / REC
協辦單位 / Assist / 奧賽德工廠 / Outsiders Factory
語言 / Language / 中文 / Mandarin Chinese

本次講座的重心將會放置於「奧賽德工廠」過去的邊陲策展經驗及即將要進行的邊陲計畫 - 當一群邊陲人物(Outsiders),以邊陲的方式被呈現在想像之外的空間中,不知道將會構成怎樣的光景?在本講座中,獨立策展人高森信男除了分享於異地的實務經驗之外,也會同時討論他所遊歷過的邊陲地帶,從波蘭的邊境城市到利馬的貧民窟、從春日部到桃園、從哥倫比亞的鄉村到德國的廢棄工業城。將期待可以和觀眾一起討論如何從邊陲的角度重新省視核心文化,並且如何從邊陲中孕育出新的文化深度。

In this forum, we will focus on the periphery curating projects which have been done and will be done by “Outsiders Factory” – What would be happened when a group of outsiders, be show off by a strange way in a place beyond imagination? In this forum, the independent curator, Nobuo Takamori, will not only share his curating experience, but also the travel experience across the periphery lands: from the border town of Poland to the slum of Lima, from Kasukabe to Taoyuan, from rural area of Colombia to the abundant industrial zone of Germany. We invite the audience to discuss with us: How to reflect the core culture from the periphery viewpoint? How to create the new depth of culture from the periphery urban?







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